National Futurist Splinters


by Constantin von Hoffmeister (c) 2004-2006

Self-sufficiency is the key. However, it is imperative that we shall not limit our scope to this planet only. We must ever strive to become the Faustian beasts that we were always meant to be. The sun must circle around US! Domination of our own by ourselves is a necessary prerequisite, in order to establish the Imperivm of the End, ruled by the dictatorship of the class that creates. The NATIONAL FUTURIST UNITY PARTY OF EVROPA (NFUPE) is the only organization that will secure the bringing together of kin that, although spread far and wide, belongs into the same gene pool – a source sufficient for the molding of the Homo Novus, the Aryan of Tomorrow. Always ready to mount the pale horse of destiny, the new state ensures total expansion and the spread of the sacred seed into all multi-dimensional corners of the known and yet to be discovered cosmos. The archetype awake and charging…

In the end truth will win the day. Night will be defeated, symbolic illumination flooding the gates of falsely proclaimed righteousness, submerging them with ease so that any organic particle (or Aryan component) not bound by bamboozling beliefs will be able to leisurely “swim” (glide, float) to the only goal worth reaching: horizon endless… What belongs together will be welded together, by the hooked cross or by the sword! It is an empirical imperative to observe the emergence of the elysian Empire of Right amidst the rubbles of the current and repetitive debacle of “the eternal Versailles” (propaganda yes – truth always). Fragments scattered ultimately collected, gathered and forged into a single strand of unlimited EUvolution – that is the sparkling and far-reaching essence of philosophy unbound, wedded to non-morality and artificial Prometheus. Once given the garlic-resistant and never-expiring life of technological terror-fusion, this holy homunculus will save us all. The sanctuary lies AHEAD! Still far but eventually close to the touch of enhanced physical grace, discoveries will be marked by settlements of sentience. Deep inside the crater of the SOURCE itself, science makes love to a race that worships its ego. The product is Godhead, smiling at the benefit of doubt extinguished and Dominion established.

National Futurism only expounds profundity, its tacit tentacles reaching deep into the calculated context of the primeval pond. Alchemy of the Abraxi: sunk cells turned into ennobled matter. No more margins can hold. The center without binding drifts while the gravity of the straightened out steadily holds it. Again impregnated and replenished, the folk fruitful and fresh, a lying life abandoned, anew a grand design announced… Power to identify with a perfected image of one’s own: the finely chiseled face of a pallid boy in rough rock a subdued prayer of passion arouses. DAVAI!

Totalitarian Democracy: smash the periphery! – the eagle with the dove in its claws = victory of scientific spirituality – let the weak rot! – the liars’ desert philosophy shoved down the throat of the still mooing but soon croaking – ahead the times that … necessarily gory but gratifyingly full of glory! – jollifications in mass executions = a present for the dumb and blind – hang high the creature that crawls! – shut the trap and release the hounds of heaven! – combat corners centralized to aim in spite of the huns’ retreat – where the wild that wander with want?

Although National Bolshevism “has never been,” it is nevertheless a product of the past (the term itself denoting the linkage). No future is possible without the awareness that the revolving wheel of destiny turns and turns. The perspective of the future is national. Nations are the collective clubs of competing classes. And classes have always existed above time. The past has been incorporated and will be recycled. National Futurism knows the past to be true only according as to how it can be remodeled to its own liking and ultimate benefit.

The relevance of historical dialectics: to be expressed with utter disdain or self-induced obliviousness? National Futurism is the contradiction that expresses itself with absolute and sincere clarity. Misunderstandings are ruled out by a brave adherence to the self-created image of the world as it really exists in planes not yet explored. National Futurism is not an ideology per se, but the spontaneous and indeed foreseen combustion of seemingly random elements that, together, form the canvas on which to forcibly screen the images that haunt all our waking dreams with illusions undermined by the realization that maya is nothing but a farce to fatten our fragile minds. Historical abstractions form the backbone of a society sickened by the past. Sacred history, as revealed to us by the Abraxi, is the sacrificial altar of our all-penetrating visions.

The savior is light. The light within one’s fleshy shell. Is the truth inside? Is the truth a path to connection with ALL? If the case is a blinding one, a reconsideration of spiritual possibilities is utterly necessary. Can one save oneself from the fear of others? The tortured garden of Gethsemane is now open to the public: whips might crack on backs, and the resulting scars that never will heal will be symbols of a defiance that to be surpassed has to be imitated and mocked. The club of the clever contracts and disappears. A band of misfits, forged by blood and premonitions of a salvatory apocalypse, emerges. All are ONE. By force the savior imposed… A society that healeth not with advice well-meant and not optional flushed and drained of excess… Asceticism is the only aesthetic that ruleth beauty and reason.

– Constantin von Hoffmeister

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