National Futurists To The Front!


by Constantin von Hoffmeister  (c) 2004-2006
National Futurism is in favor of the Aryan concept. It advocates pan-European unity. The physical aspect of race is more important than the spiritual one since we must fight on the material plane first. And we must be strong and ruthless when dealing with the enemies of Europe.

The economy, as well as society at large, must be centralized. This is why we need an Imperivm Evropa. While each nation has the right to retain its cultural and ethnic autonomy, chauvinist nationalisms must be crushed. While strong alliances within Eurasia are important to fight Zion and the American beast, Europe must naturally be self-contained based on racial principles. National Futurism advocates the abolition of capitalism (and its degenerate and decadent by-products, such as multiculturalism and low-brow culture-distorting entertainment), both in its free-market and state incarnations. It advocates folk socialism (in the Prussian sense). Naturally, National Futurism is for ultimate and unbridled progress – ever higher, ever further. Programs to colonize and eventually terraform new planets need to be established (after all, the threat of meteorites threatening our race on Earth is a very real one). NOVA EVROPA will be the first Aryan settlement on Mars.

National Bolshevism has been absorbed into National Futurism, as have Fascism, Prussian Socialism and National Socialism. Anarchism and liberalism have been declared enemies of the state by the wise leadership of the Party. Politics is art. National Futurism advocates a radical departure from antiquated political philosophies that have failed to produce long-term results in the past. National Futurism is anti-nostalgia. National Futurism looks towards the undiscovered country (beyond the past and present) to settle it with fearless determination once and for all time! Its anti-imperialist nature does not stop it from founding a galactic empire, stretching from Sirius to Neptune. Once imperialism (and its religious undertones) has been abolished, a new and true (to its racial nature) imperialism can finally be released to be the solid foundation of an order society where equality is not a dirty word. Once Europe (the One Nation) has been established, the dusty and medieval fields can be paved and pit stops for the new transcontinental mega-highway constructed.

While history is important, glorifying systems that are dead and buried is quite pointless. National Futurism is opposed to petty nationalism as it is a provincial dead-end form of worship. The only nation that must be worshipped is Holy Europe. Its future colonies in the endless depths of the cosmos will bear witness to the Aryan genius and the greatness of Earth’s organic elite. Freed from the shackles of religion and reason, European Man will be able to glide through the ether and set his foot on worlds that will be named after his own traditions: HAIL the lunar metropolis Goetheville in the district of New America! As vision transcends logic, science will naturally have to be applied with great artistic care, both in the design of the hyperdrive and the titanium-encased skyscrapers for the urbanized masses of the future. Blood and Soil is no more valid than wagons and moats. The new leading principle is Blood and Technology.

Celine’s notion of “Aryan Communism” is an integral part of National Futurism. Its universal (AKA European) utilitarianism will eventually satisfy the much sought after sense of egalitarianism that is currently lacking in the Indo-European world. Realpolitik is for straw men and bourgeois dogs! Internationalism is not what National Futurism is about. National Futurism views Magna Evropa as ONE nation. This is in accordance with the principle of ORION (Our Race is Our Nation). Contemporary White Nationalism is ridiculous. Its concepts are fit only for babushkas and rednecks. It lacks vision and cosmic coherence. White Nationalism is cannibalizing the past like vultures hungry for the flesh of the long ago decayed dead. National Futurism is ravishing the present like a stylized Fascist hooked up to virtual reality, hungry for change, an angry fix of endorphins and the pale flesh of young wet maidens. The ideology of National Futurism is neither stagnant nor devoid of a pulsating energy surplus in its arteries. Intoxication is the key to Aryan survival, not prayers in a damp old structure some blighted fools might consider a “house of God.” The only class worth mentioning in the future tomes of legend is the one that creates. The only class that creates is the Aryan “class” (AKA race). Therefore, National Futurism is quite class-conscious within the realm of all mankind. The Faustian spirit is the sublime manifestation of defiance in the face of an angry (and imagined) deity. The Party will set straight what is and always was righteous.

The class is the folk, the people are the body collective, bound through destiny and creativity. The hand in the field is equal to the brain in the reactor. National Futurism is not Communism. Rather, it incorporates elements where there are positive and constructive ones to be found. National Futurism does not want to abolish respective cultures and traditions of the Indo-European heritage. Rather, it unifies them under the banner of a common purpose. The reason for the Race’s existence is clearly expansion. This has been proven on manifold occasions throughout history. Therefore, National Futurism strives to maintain a high level of excellence in the fields of science and technology. We need no more farms. We need mass-produced genetically engineered super-crops that will nourish the now needy. We need bigger cities and larger airports. We need to break the barriers of time and space. Technocratic values must be deeply ingrained in the psyche of the people. We must destroy in order to create. Down with the old, up with the new! National Futurism has declared war on senile values and concepts. While statues in marble might be pretty, heroically expressive and quaint, the deafening roar of a jet propulsion engine surpasses art and symbolizes the shift in values in that it provides a physical example of the Race’s power to move faster and higher.

PHOENIX PHILOSOPHY: First we must produce the ashes. Then we can raise the proverbial Phoenix.

– Constantin von Hoffmeister

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