Revenge of the Technocrats

by Constantin Von Hoffmeister 2006

Maya does not exist. Illusions do not exist, otherwise they would cease to be such. Life is not an illusion. Life is matter – exclusively! History is the constant struggle of matter. Whether in bad weather or sunshine, man is not the origin (= not to be = never was, a long time ago in eyes that now look in plastic rearview mirrors) and end-all of the historical process that really has no end and no beginning. Who defines history but the creatures who know how to jest about it? People do indeed desire opiates. Why not give them the REAL thing instead of the spiritually filthy by-products of metaphysical masturbation sessions?

Yes, I piss on metaphysics and religion and the esoteric and useless mumbo-jumbo! I shit on it! I vomit on it! At the same time, however, I extol its virtues by pointing out its limitations, meaning that metaphysics can be beautiful and enriching when one realizes the sheer impotence of its so-called powers of wannabe perceptive “veil-lifting” by taking it for what it really is: a symbolical flower to put into the “living-room” of somebody else’s head, a pretty object of ejaculatory force (cathartic in nature, like a pounding fuck). Why evacuate the big cities when they are not nearly big enough yet? We need megalopolises spanning the globe. We need to speed up environmental pollution, so that European man is forced to play the role that suits him best, the role that he is obliged to take on if he wants to emulate the legends that he himself created. We need to rid ourselves of this puny Earth-bound existence. We must live exhausting lives, we must work, we must rediscover the joys of mass exterminations – we must be covered with oil, greasing the grey colossi of spaceships that will take us into ever more zones ripe for colonization through flattening. The ideal is the colorless city of cold drab darkness, monolithic scrapers of the industrial clouds again reminding adapted European man that he is once more only a cog in the MACHINE. Rise, o soldiers of the future! The whole universe is anxiously waiting to get royally raped! HAIL the race that devours others – laughing, burping, tunes of doom ringing in the advent of gloom! After the eclipse, Pol Pot may again rise, but this time clad in space-black-suit look, snazzy and worn.

I create my own nightmare world of ecstatic joy in which to play out my sombre phantasies in light of regressive retrospection. I do not share the (unfortunately) common view that Earth must be saved. This would be an impossible task in any case if an asteroid the size of Seattle is hurtling towards the Blue Planet. We would surely all perish. Aryan man, the organic elite and nature’s most noble creation, would be finished without having the slightest chance of recovery or finishing the godly task laid out for him aeons ago by the Abraxi. European man is always able to “improvise, adapt and overcome.” In a generation or two, European man on Mars would be taller than his counterpart on Terra due to a lesser gravitational pull on the Red Planet. Thus, another small step of evolutionary progress would have been achieved. Indians, by the way, can cook excellent curries, but are hardly able to build a civilization as magnificent as the one that they lost a long time ago, due to miscegenation and the corruption of ancient Aryan rationality. The future will be EVROPEAN or not be at all!

The noble savage is a lie. The beast as n*gger as saint is still a beast. Stone tools and wooden spears do not a rocket make. Fat lips on a naked half-human are exterior symbols of a subhuman soul. Their ugliness makes even bound feet on a Chinese noblewoman a heavenly sight. The noble Race is the one that gives to those who need in order to advance and takes what it deserves from those who can only beg and hunt. Progressive peoples despise the animalistic instincts that prevail in the still damp and dark corners of the globe. Indio animals wear no clothes. Their innocence is shattered due to the lack of sufficient covering. Only fashionable clothes portray the elegance of a civilized people’s soul. Thus, progressive peoples regain their honor (that was lost due to the evolutionary process and its resulting de-unification) by displaying their superiority through the delicate choice of textiles. Our European Earth is in danger of becoming re-primitivized. We must, at all costs, recognize the danger that is inherent in the genetic make-up of the monstrous and backwards invaders of our homeland. We must act and expel or be reduced to wearing loincloths again!