The Program of the NFUPE: The 25 Points


by Constantin von Hoffmeister (c) 2004-2006

The program of the National Futurist Unity Party of Evropa (NFUPE) is binding to all conscious Europeans. It serves as an eternal guide and omnipotent living (ever-evolving) signpost for all who care about Holy Europe and wish to resurrect its corpse. Europe is dead. Long live Europe!

1. The NFUPE is concerned with the future of the White race. This, of course, does not mean that it does not advocate cooperation between representatives of its chosen race and representatives of other races. After all, the NFUPE strives to be the leading organization in the establishment of a new planetary order. Therefore, it will work together will all like-minded organizations from every part of the global resistance network.
2. The NFUPE advocates ethnopluralism as opposed to multiculturalism (voluntary interaction between autonomous ethnicities [true internationalism] as opposed to forced intermixing and eradication of ethnical boundaries [globalized internationalism]). A Europe separated from the burdens of the dark continents will be a Europe free from exploitation by foreign races.

3. The masses are nothing without the guiding lights of strong individuals. Most strong individuals are of a higher race.

4. The NFUPE advocates the implementation of a central control center to deal with the task of forcefully decentralizing the coming European empire. The central control center will be in charge of overseeing the peaceful dismemberment of all nation states within the empire. This process will be set in motion in accordance with the inherent right of all ethnicities to live amongst their own.

5. The Party has the right to purge elements that it considers unworthy or disrespectful. Heresy shall mean abandonment into nagging individualism, angry but isolated.

6. The words of the future are: Freedom – Equality – Sisterhood. As opposed to the patriarchal notion of brotherhood, sisterhood symbolizes the non-linear and anti-authoritarian nature of the coming society. Matriarchal and liberating, the coming society will have shed the shackles of the obsolete superman ideology.

7. Eugenics elaborates man. Eugenics equalizes the worthy.

8. The NFUPE advocates total free speech and absolute freedom of expression. While the Party itself is regulated along orthodox guidelines, society at large is free to voice any opinion, political or not, it wishes to.

9. Gradual subordination of both society and spirit to the Laws of the Abraxi, neutralizing anxiety with autonomous strife, paralyzing enemies through attempting to connect and convert, replacing satiated European society through reform and destruction, everything will be deprivatized!

10. Non-doctrinal, pragmatic, materialist – the NFUPE is opposed to spirituality, ghosts and notions of an Inner Earth.

11. Important to risk inevitable reprisals. After the fall, thirsting for the healing bite. Cut to collectivize.

12. Europe beguiles. Outside are the wasted lands where juices are scarce and limbs follow limbs down the ladder of devolution. Europe is the next core.

13. See hope land on far planets, settle the soil, concluding triumphantly pioneer work coasts and cities. Planetary meetings to raise levels for levelling. Where blood goes water will emerge. Always long ships shall start their proton drives anew. The patron saint of the NFUPE is Yuri Gagarin.
Yuri Gagarin

14. Inexorably, bridges to the pathetic past will have burned. Gone.

15. A leader will be no leader when the ones who are led will lead.

16. harassing heathens harrowing horror hearth helios!

17. ruins red roasting rodents rattles roars renegade rebel rhymer

18. All buildings that predate 1800 will be demolished.

19. Shakespeare will be shot. Queen Elizabeth will be raped with a chainsaw.

20. “We want to kill all Jews. All Jews must die!” Certain nutcases still express such irrationalisms. These desires are unrealistic. Therefore, the NFUPE supports anti-diaspora Zionism. We want all Jews to convert to Zionism, and we strictly want to follow the Zionist tenet that all Zionists must live in Israel. Any Zionist that does not live in Israel is a traitor to the Jewish race.
“Red Zion”

21. The NFUPE is an Aryan anti-Aryan organization. It vehemently opposes the oriental aggressive Aryan influence on European culture. The NFUPE wants to reestablish the rule of Europeans in Europe. It understands that Europe has been contaminated with a certain amount of Aryan influence, but, contrary to certain counter-revolutionary agents, the NFUPE does not extol this influence. On the contrary, it decries it as a relict of an ancient alien intrusive individualist element that needs to be eliminated from the collective psyche of reawakened proto-Europe.

22. The Promethean process of labor – the social history of blood resistance: Pragmatism equals materialism equals victory.

23. The Song of the Space Sirens: All naturalistic traits are now boosted with the Plutonic Fleece. The mobilize the master myth, the New Man Barbarian must be willed and nourished.

24. The Asiatic heritage harnessed and channelled into dynamic production processes: This is the key to overcoming colonial ambitions.

25. To be Aryan is rooted in a neither blessed nor downplayed reality. Freedom comes in the guise of eyes of steel. The name of the horizon is mine and yours!

– Constantin von Hoffmeister

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