Tomorrow Belongs To National Futurism


by Constantin von Hoffmeister  (c) 2004-2006

If one views humanity as a conglomerate of different racial elements which in turn have varied characteristics, it becomes clear that, analogous to the Marxist notion of a class-structured society, each race can be classified as a class in itself, within the larger framework of the humanoid bio-structure. The Aryan class is the only one that is capable of originally creating something. Creativity equals labor. Hence, the European people make up nature’s true proletarian aristocracy. The European genius is based on discovery and invention. Nevertheless, the Aryan class is able not only to labor but to dominate its surroundings through its application of a man-centered view of the universe. This means that other (inferior) races might be able to copy great Aryan achievements, but they will always be trapped in the bubble of their dependence on the natural cycle. In contrast, the Aryan is able to break out of the biological sphere to put himself outside nature itself. He is thus able to dominate his environment through his sheer will to power, expressed in his desire to reach the status of the final stage of superhumanity – by escaping the limiting stage of his terran prison.

The notion of a proletarian aristocracy is not an oxymoron when one views proletarianism in light of the gigantic columns that titans erect to commemorate their legacy. The National Futurist idea of the Worker is not one that invites comparisons with socialist realism. Rather, it denotes an absolute value in and of itself. Private enterprise shall not be abolished as it provides a stimulus for growth, both on a personal and collective level. Of course, commercial enterprises will be severely limited in their access to the populace, meaning that they will not be able to indiscriminately cater products that are of no intrinsic value. There are no class differences in the reborn society. As the masses themselves are the epitomical manifestation of the archetype of the Race, it is evident that the clarity with which they perceive themselves is nothing but the tacit acknowledgement of their own status within the ever-turning wheel of the divine seasons. Hence, class is race – the will to build is within the symbolic soul of nature’s creators.

Respect for old people will be restricted since they are the ones that are responsible for the current mess. The future can only be glimpsed in the fierce and glaring eyes of the young radicals, unleashed by the Party’s civilizing cadres to mercilessly punish the guilty. A lot of dirty old men will be ripped from their wheelchairs and thrown out into the open where the young wolves of the Party can rip them apart. Death to death itself!

If one dares to argue with the solid points that National Futurism makes, we shall say, “A weary warrior might comment thus, but – alas! – the purported depths are shallow, and his commentaries are not flexed with the muscles of wit and dare. Rather, they are subdued by all the self-proclaimed ‘superior’ (in reality disillusioned, with one foot in the grave) experience-gatherers.”

After all, one must not be surprised at the amount of energy that can be harnessed by earnest seekers of the mytho-poetic Fountain of Youth when a nation wants to rejuvenate itself. The ageing vultures cry and pick the bones of the ones that a long time ago fell bravely, but the Party’s new elite will show the tired and wrinkled bags of disease a never-before trodden path that has no place for the hogs’ and hags’ wining, dining and whining.

Equality is indeed only valid in theory, but equal opportunity to rule and serve is not. The updated slogan thus reads: “Equality, Freedom, Resistance!” Egalitarian concepts are to be revised to reflect the growing demand for justice that serves the majority in doses that do not overexert the individual sense of self-worth. Where is the firepower but in the collective awareness that one’s neighbor is one’s brother? The value lies in genetic and class-based social ethics, topped with the realization that the glow in one’s eyes always will match the ink flow of another’s pen.

Individuality is the compost heap that all social ills blossom on.

Man is part of nature. Man is superior to nature. Man rules nature. Man destroys nature at will. Man is able to regulate nature. Nature has to bow down before the divinity of the God Race. The Nordic principle of the forestal cradle will be abolished. The Mines of Magnitude will be empty when the God Race is finished working inside of them. New areas will be conquered and exploited. Nature is merely the stage where the Great Play can be performed, with the divine tunes of the always present golden choir edging on the glorious task of cyclical destruction and construction. What is permanent in the blood stays permanent on the material plane. The will to crush equals the desire to erect. The Nordic twin principle of endless suffering and unlimited endurance is to be the beacon for the ones that victimize themselves for the sake of the shielding influence of the multitudes. HAIL the Martyrs of Madness!

– Constantin von Hoffmeister

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