White Eurasia


by Constantin von Hoffmeister (c) 2004-2006

dedicated to Guillaume Faye

Terrae Regnum

The White race is the master of Eurasia. Eurosiberians are the inhabitants of Europe and Russia. Only eight million Whites live in Siberia. It is their obligation to multiply and colonize this vast space. Siberia is the new Wild West. Islam is an enemy of Europe. The North is the enemy of the South. A new battlefront has been drawn. In the trenches in the North, the White race, grim-faced and merciless, sits ready with guns cocked and cannons loaded. The Islamic hordes of subhumans from the South is advancing towards the citadel of the North. The agents of Islam in the North have been expelled or executed. The National Futurist troops of the Eurosiberian Federation are sure that victory will be theirs. Once the subhuman lands have been laid to waste, the dawn of a new civilization shall rise. The West will decolonize itself with the help of fresh blood from the East. West and East will merge and become Eurosiberia. The Eurosiberian identity will give birth to the counterrevolution which will pit itself against the world revolution of the colored peoples. The current decadence of the West will vanish when the bombs drop from gunships on their targets in the jungles and deserts of the savage world. AmeriKa will become Vinland and its efficient military will be the main guarantee of Eurosiberian world domination.

The Red ArmyThe Red Army (the sign of the Swastika on the soldiers’ shoulders) is the glorious ancestor of the National Futurist Army. The battle of the Red Army against the treacherous Whites mirrors the battle that is to come. The Red Army liberated Eurasia from the yoke of the Semitic mindset that expressed itself in Orthodoxy and serfdom. The National Futurist Army will rage relentless war against the minions of mud peoples and their treacherous White allies in the decadent West. The vanguard of the National Futurist Army is the man that has locked away his wife, cut off the bonds with his family and is ready to sacrifice his meaningless life in a struggle that delivers meaningful deaths aplenty. In Finland they awake, in England they will die, in the Ukraine they awake, in Poland they will die. Across the vast open steppes of Mongolia, a thunderstorm of boiling blood will rage when slit-eyed bastards will be killed and slayed, their dwellings burned and – finally! – traces erased before the National Futurist Army will settle to pave the path for the reality to come. In Central Asia, news of liberation is near, floating through the ether, travelling from Dublin to Ashgabat. The Eurosiberians on the march! Integrated into an alliance with their Turkish brethren, the Turkmen wail while jailed. The Turks, too, into prison thrust, outside the sacred space of Eurosiberia. And from whence the enemy will then endanger the holy empire? From outer space, signals already announce the advent of the extraterrestrials, truly alien!, hostile, creepy and tentacled. This is why, in accordance with the rule of militant vigilance, the National Futurist Space Agency (NFSA) will install battle stations, manned with gene-warriors and armed with nuclear laser missiles, in orbit around our precious homeworld on which Eurasia shines as the beacon of truth, might and justice throughout the known galaxy.

Capitalism will, through force, cease to exist. A socialist planned economy will replace the evils of the market economy. Through the use of computer technology, an efficient system of planning the economy can be applied to all sectors of labor and industry. The corrupting chaos of commercial competition will be replaced with the serene order of strict economic regulation. The state will manage the economy, and citizens will enjoy more leisure time. Robots will do all the work that the economic planning matrix assigns them. Automated assembly lines will produce all the necessary goods for the welfare of the people. Brands will cease to exist as all products will be standardized. Grey pants will be called “grey pants.” The people will shop – shops for the people! The people will learn again to live ascetically, to exist without the baggage that is non-essential and even detrimental to its physical and mental well-being. Away with discmen and in with state-of-the-art people-soothing panels for every living room! The use of advertisements will be greatly reduced. Thus, squares and streets will again become centers of reflection instead of desensitization. All the people need is booze, sex and metal. After all, this is all the majestic British Empire needed to propel itself to the top position of the world. The sun never sets on the lands of the Great Race.

The Golden Road to Bukhara: Will one finally see the blue beam on top of the minaret (the one that Genghis Khan spared, converted into a communication tower) buzzing its clear message to all the White peoples of the world? Mosques turned into gymnasiums, madrassahs turned into day care centers. Racial patriots will fight a new Great Patriotic War to defend their motherland, the great continent of Eurasia, through a preemptive offense, attacking the lands of the false prophet and bashing in the heads of the towel-wearing sister-beaters before these desert rats can infiltrate the lands of the Great Race and bash its members. And peace will come to all, an ever-lasting peace among the sons of rosy-cheeked Adam. The lower races will serve the highest race, paying tribute through service and respect. The lower races benignity will be enforced through the rule of the caste law. Thus will the whole world benefit from the Eurasian principle: The ones who rule on top, the ones who serve at the bottom. Traditions will prevail through the implementation of the ancient teachings of the Abraxi. The Jewish god must die so that Aryan Allah may live.

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